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Virtual Depositions

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At Staten Island Court Reporters on Demand, we understand that the world is changing. More and more than ever before, we’re seeing a shift in the way that business and legal matters are being run – and that’s reflected in the rise of virtual depositions. If you are looking to carry out a deposition, but you’re planning on having it run virtually, it’s critical that you find a court reporting company that is comfortable assisting you with that kind of situation. Our virtual depositions court reporting service is well-established, and we have a proven track record that demonstrates our capabilities in this space. If you’re in need of a service like this, either now or in the future, do yourself a favor and read on below to find out more. Of course, if you have any questions that need answering, our customer service representatives are available too.

Increasing Demands
Make no mistake, there is a greater demand for virtual court reporting expertise for virtual depositions than ever before. In part, this is because more people are waking up to the practical benefits that are available with doing this, but there’s no doubt that it’s become an accelerated process due to the spread of COVID-19. For everybody’s safety, it might be wise to make the deposition virtual so that it’s also socially distanced. If you’re planning on proceeding with a deposition this way, we’d be glad to offer our expertise to make sure it runs smoothly.

Reliable Technology
At Staten Island Court Reporters on Demand, our court reporters are comfortable using an array of virtual and technological software and hardware to make sure that the deposition runs as planned. While it’s obviously important that a court reporter has the foundational skills required to provide good service, those aren’t going to be of any use if they can’t master the technological side of things. Fortunately, you shouldn’t expect any such issues if you use our service – at this point, the vast majority of our court reporters have extensive experience in virtual deposition reporting.

Suites Available
If you’re looking to carry out a virtual deposition, but you don’t have the technology or a suite in place to carry out the process, we can assist you. We have access to a number of suitable locations that you can get access to for a very reasonable price point. These suites are available as and when you need them, though you stand the best possible chance of securing it if you give us some notice.

Same Quality Service
As you’d surely expect from us, the quality of service that we bring to the table in a virtual deposition is exactly the same as you’d get with an in-person deposition. While there are certainly some specific challenges associated with virtual scenarios, there’s nothing there we can’t handle. We’ll give you accurate, reliable, and efficient service that keeps the deposition running on track – all you need to do to bring us in is speak to our customer service team.