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an ongoing case hearing

If you’re on the hunt for an experienced and trustworthy hearing court reporter, you’re in the right place – at Staten Island Court Reporters on Demand, we’ve been providing court reporting services for hearings, amongst other things, for a very long time now. We’re home to some of the finest court reporters in the whole of New York, so you can rest easy knowing that you’re going to get access to a fully certified, highly accomplished individual – somebody who is more than capable of handling your hearing. We place a huge amount of importance on accuracy, efficiency, and reliability, and this is what has allowed us to forge a reputation as a top service provider in the area. To find out more about our hearings court reporting service, either read on below or reach out to our customer service team.

Keeping Up
At hearings, it’s not always the case that the conversation and testimony is moving at a great pace, but it certainly can be that way at times. The last thing that anybody at the hearing wants is to have to stop and wait for the court reporter to get up to speed, or for them to have to ask questions regarding what has already been said. This can be a practical nuisance, and can even derail the hearing altogether. Of course, if you make the decision to use our court reporters, you’re not going to have to deal with that problem. We keep up with testimony effortlessly, which allows us to facilitate a smooth hearing.

Verbatim Readback
There are times during hearings where either the judge or an attorney want to clarify some of the testimony that has already been delivered. During those times, the court reporter needs to identify the specific part of the transcript that is being referred to, before reading back what was said specifically. All of our court reporters are efficient and assured during these moments, which means that proceedings can continue without any further delay or interruption.

Areas of Expertise
At courts across the Staten Island area, a wide range of hearings take place – and the subject matter of these hearings can vary considerably. From one to the next, there could be talk about medical matters, engineering concerns, insurance problems, and so much more. If you think that the litigation you’re dealing with is going to be particularly complex, it’s wise to bring in a court reporter with a background in that area. We can supply specialists for just such an occasion – which is sure to keep the hearing on track, regardless of the complexity of the language.

Last Minute Service
There are times when it’s necessary to bring in a court reporter at the last minute, for one reason or another – and in those cases, we’re there to support you. We offer same day requests coverage for urgent situations, and if at all possible, we’ll be there to assist you. Obviously, the sooner you can get in touch with us, the more likely we are to be able to step in and offer expertise.