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Meetings and Minutes

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Although our most common service provisions are deposition court reporter and hearing court reporter services, we’re also capable of providing a meeting and minutes court reporter to you, as and when you need one. At Staten Island Court Reporters on Demand, our court reporting services are very highly regarded – and this has allowed us to forge a reputation in this region as a trusted and dependable service provider. If you have any important meetings, there are a number of advantages to using a court reporter to take notes and minutes during the process. It’s often only after these occasions are finished that people begin to realize that they ought to have hired a court reporter – don’t make that mistake yourself. Speak to our customer service agents today and ensure that you’re adequately prepared for the meeting ahead.

Board Meetings
Anybody who has taken part in a business’s board meeting will be acutely aware of the importance that these meetings carry. Board meetings can help to determine the future of a business, and could be how you define your business’s direction – which is why it’s so important to have a completely accurate record of what was said and decided in written form. Some of these meetings can go on for some time, which means it could be even harder to remember what was said specifically after the meeting is completed. Our court reporters can ensure that you have everything written down as it was said.

Corporate Meetings
Corporate meetings are another situation where a court reporter can provide valuable service – and this is something that we’ve assisted plenty of businesses with over the years. It’s not uncommon for participants to dispute what was said during a corporate meeting – as there are often hidden agendas and conflicting opinions – so having an impartial witness who has a verbatim transcript of the meeting takes away any confusion or ambiguity. Of course, having a record of what was said is also useful for future meetings as well.

Interview Services
If you’re looking to hire for an important position, every little detail matters – but when you’re interviewing lots of different candidates, it can be hard to remember who said what, and the specifics of the conversation. While you might think that you can scribble down notes yourself to get an idea of what was said, it’s not anywhere near as accurate as a court reporter can be, and it doesn’t allow you to fully focus on what the candidate is saying. To get the best outcome in this situation, a court reporting service makes the most sense.

Service Quality

Whether you’re in a board or corporate meeting and you need someone to take the minutes, or you’re handling an interview process and you need assistance, you’ll find that we offer speed and accuracy throughout our service delivery. We’ll efficiently cover the back and forth in conversation, regardless of the speed of the exchange, and give you a transcript as quickly as possible.