Staten Island Court Reporters on Demand

Same Day Requests

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At Staten Island Court Reporters on Demand, the majority of the time that we provide court reporting services, we do so with the request well in advance of the actual date that we offer our services – but there are certainly times when we’re called into action at the last minute. This might be because a court reporter is no longer available on the day of the hearing or deposition, or it could be because the proceeding was scheduled unexpectedly soon – regardless of the reason, you’ll find that our deposition court reporter and hearing court reporter services – amongst the rest – are available for same day requests. While we obviously cannot always fulfil same day requests, we do our best to make sure that we have someone available at all times.

Virtual and In-person Reporting
More than ever before, people are making the decision to have depositions, meetings, and conferences virtually – and there are a substantial number of advantages to doing that. Of course, plenty of these occasions are still held in-person as well. Whether you’re planning a virtual conference or you’re pressing ahead with an in-person deposition, our court reporters will be able to step in at the last moment. We make sure that our same day requests service is available for both in-person and virtual events, ensuring that all of our clients have the coverage that they need for when the worst happens. We’re the team that you can rely on in those difficult moments.

Flexible Scheduling
When meetings, conferences, depositions, and hearings need a court reporter at the last minute, they’re often scheduled at unusual hours – sometimes particularly early, but more often, particularly late. Fortunately, this isn’t an issue for our reliable court reporting company. We’re happy to schedule service in at flexible times to make sure that you have the expertise on hand that you require. To get an idea of the pricing structures that we carry for these services, our customer service team is available over the phone or online.

Broad Experience
At our company, we have a huge number of court reporters on hand should the need arise to bring one in. While some of them have broad experience across general litigation procedures, others are specialists in complex areas and fields. If you need a medical specialist, an engineering expert, or an insurance wiz at the last minute, there’s a good chance that we’ll be able to ferret someone out that suits your needs.

Reliable Service
It’s not surprising that, when you need a court reporter at the very last minute, you might have some doubts about their training and reliability. You won’t have the time to properly ‘shop around’ and find someone that you feel sure about – and that’s totally understandable. Of course, if you make the choice to go with our team, you’ll gain access to a number of certified, highly accomplished and experienced individuals who know exactly what is required to get the job completed to the highest standard – so, there’s no reason to feel anxious with us!