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Virtual Conferences

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At Staten Island Court Reporters on Demand, we’re available to offer assistance with the creation and running of virtual conferences, and these can be useful for a number of situations. With our team on your side, you’ll have an experienced outfit that knows how to set up a secure, reliable connection – and of course, we’ll obviously be able to give you a verbatim, accurate transcript of the conference as well. Regardless of the specific reason that you need a virtual conference, you’ll find that there’s no better service in Staten Island (or beyond!) that can give you the tools you require to get the conference up and running. To find out further information about our virtual conferences court reporting service, either read on below or speak to our customer service team as soon as possible.

Better Practicality
Conferencing has largely been done in person over the years, but things have been changing, and recently they’ve been changing very rapidly. People are quickly realizing how much more practical it is to complete a video conference remotely compared with travelling huge distances to see someone in person. This is particularly the case when the planned meeting is only expected to be short anyway. Through virtual conferencing, you could knock out a week’s worth of in-person meetings in a day – so it’s pretty substantially beneficial. We’re happy to offer a service that offers so much value to our clients, naturally.

Secure and Confidential
When you’re having a virtual conference, it’s critical that you can feel relaxed that the transcript, video, and audio that is being produced is secure and confidential. For legal matters, this could be particularly sensitive, but it’s also crucial that business matters are kept private as well. After all, the last thing that you want is something to be leaked that could damage you or your business in a significant way. Our virtual conferencing service is completely secure and totally confidential, and we’ve never experienced any issue with this in the past – nor do we expect to experience any in the future.

Text Streaming
As you’d surely expect, we’re happy to offer reporting service throughout the virtual conference, and this is done in real-time to make sure that you have a clear understanding of what’s being said – especially if you need to refer back to it during the conference. It’s possible to have a live text stream of what our court reporter is typing if that’s your preference.

Production Quality
More often than not, our clients choose to have a video production which has the transcript integrated into the video alongside the main feed – with the text and the video imagery synchronized for total functionality. This is a first class way to review the conference in a comprehensive fashion. Our previous clients have always been delighted with the quality of the transcripts and videos we produce on their behalf – and we sure that you’ll feel the same way if you make the decision to use our service.