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At Staten Island Court Reporters on Demand, we pride ourselves on having the premier deposition court reporter services in the Staten Island, New York region – and we think that you’ll be thrilled with the services that we can bring to the table for any depositions that you have either now, or in the future. It’s pretty much essential having a first class court reporter on hand for a deposition, and making sure that you have the right one could have a significant impact on your situation going forward. Make no mistake, it can certainly be damaging to your case if you have an inexperienced, incapable court reporter rather than a veteran. To hear more about what we can offer you, and why we’re the finest choice for any deposition court reporting needs you have, just read on further below.

Complex Litigation

One of the issues that some people face with court reporters relates to complex litigation. In certain fields, there’s language present that simply isn’t found in other areas of litigation – and certainly not in every day life. If you have a court reporter unfamiliar with a number of these terms, it’s going to slow proceedings down enormously, and it’ll be a major irritation. At our service, we have a number of court reporters with experience in specific subject areas, including the medical field, engineering fields, and so much more. Naturally, if you’re looking for somebody with a specific background, we should be able to deliver on your request.

Verbatim Testimony
A deposition is a wonderful opportunity to gather information that could be pertinent to your legal case, but the volume of information that you’re going to be receiving from the deponent is staggering. Without a verbatim transcript of what was said, it’s quite possible that you could miss out on critical information – or you could find yourself following a path that doesn’t have any real basis. The bottom line is that you need a court reporter who can give you precise transcripts of what was said – and that’s exactly what you’ll get with us.

Speed and Accuracy
We’ve already spoken a bit about how much information is brought up in a deposition, and how it could potentially be overwhelming for some inexperienced court reporters. Of course, the issue isn’t only the volume of testimony, it’s the speed at which it takes place. Many depositions go a mile a minute, so it would be easy to miss small details that might be relevant. Our court reporters are efficient and accurate, even when the deposition that they’re handling is particularly demanding.

Transcript Turnaround
Besides getting a high quality of service during the deposition itself, it’s also important that the court reporting service doesn’t take forever to deliver a completed transcript. At our company, we aim to deliver transcripts within a week, as we understand that the sooner you have the transcript, the sooner you can use it to help your case. We’ll always do whatever we can to deliver it to you as quickly as possible.